Levi McGlone

Web Developer

About Me

Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Levi McGlone, and I am a web developer in the Columbus, OH area. I have 5 years of web development experience working for both small and medium-sized businesses as well as startups. I am a full-stack developer with experience in both front-end and back-end development.

Technical Expertise

The majority of my expertise is with the PHP/Linux stack. PHP is my primary back-end programming language; however, I do have experience in other programming languages as well. My Github account has NodeJS projects, Java projects, and a small Python project. I have 2 years of experience building WordPress websites and custom Laravel applications from scratch. On the front-end, I have experience with SASS, Webpack, ReactJS, and ES2017. I also have a strong knowledge of git and source control strategies.

In addition to being a full-stack developer. I also have operations experience as well. I have lots of experience managing Ubuntu servers and setting up DevOps automation using Ansible, Vagrant, Docker, and GOSS.

Other Projects

Recently, I have started building Alexa skills in NodeJS. I also tinker with IOT on Raspberry Pi and Arduinos in my spare time.



Bachelor's in Web Development from Franklin University

Accomplishments and Awards

  • Eagle Scout
  • Boy Scouts of America National Youth Leadership Training
  • HOBY Leadership Training
  • Toastmaster's Youth Leadership Training


  • Able to learn and adapt quickly
  • Security-conscious with general knowledge of basic security measures and common exploits
  • Experience guiding business development teams on technical decisions
  • Experience with systems thinking and architecture

Past Work Experience

Root Insurance

I currently work at Root Insurance as a Software Engineer. Root Insurance is a startup that is transforming how everyday people purchase car insurance. By downloading the app, users' driving habits are evaluated. This data is used to generate a quote that is based on the risk of insuring the driver. I work on the Telematics team at Root to collect and analyze driving data.

Root Insurance uses the following stack:

  • Ruby on Rails 5.2
  • React Native
  • Java and Swift (Native Development)
  • Python (Data Science)
  • PostgreSQL


IQVentures is a venture capital firm located in Columbus, OH. Many of their products and services are centered around call centers, VOIP, and phone call transcription. I primarily work on their SpeechIQ and Fugent products.

SpeechIQ is IQVentures' flagship company. The SpeechIQ app is written in PHP7, GoLang, and jQuery. It is hosted in AWS, and it processes call center data. End users can search the full transcription of phone calls via Elasticsearch. SpeechIQ can also perform automated call scoring and compliance validation and provide the results to the user through a full-featured reporting interface. I helped build SpeechIQ V3. I worked on many elements of the app such as reporting, call processing, and integration with our clients and 3rd parties.

Fugent is an event management platform that was recently acquired by IQVentures. The Fugent app is written in PHP7 and jQuery. It uses a proprietary framework for both backend and frontend code. I primarily worked on the scheduling assistant feature, which is very similar to Calendly or TimeTrade. In addition, I designed and built systems that integrated scheduling assistant with many other services such as Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, and Google Calendar.

Buckeye Interactive

I worked at Buckeye Interactive (a small consulting agency in New Albany, OH) as a software developer. While I was there, I actively worked on several new projects and helped maintain a fleet of 300 websites. Most of the projects I worked on were PHP applications in Laravel and WordPress. I helped Dockerize several WordPress projects, and I also contributed to the development of a few Ansible roles. Most of the applications I worked on used this stack:

  • PHP 7
  • Ubuntu Server 16.04
  • Nginx
  • MariaDB or PostgreSQL
  • NodeJS

HER Realtors

HER Realtors was a client for several years when I ran my own company, McGlone Technologies. I did several projects for HER Realtors; however, the biggest project was a complete redesign to their current responsive website. I received some very minimal PHP mockups and some designs from another company, and I implemented the designs inside the Real Estate Digitial CRM and web platform. While working in the RED platform, I was able to increase security of HER website while providing significant business value in terms of customer and user experience.

IGS Energy

I worked at IGS Energy as an intern in the summer of 2015. I worked on an internal deployment application called MantisShrimp. Basically, MantisShrimp was a proprietary deployment and automation platform designed for the .NET stack. There were several different kinds of deployments that could be automated through a conglomeration of C# and Powershell. I helped build a new user interface using AngularJS and .NET MVC5 to replace an old MVC4 interface. I also wrote several SQL scripts to clean up data duplication inside the MantisShrimp database.