Levi McGlone

Web Developer

About Me

Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Levi McGlone, and I am a web developer in the Columbus, OH area. I have 5 years of web development experience working for both small and medium-sized businesses as well as startups. I am a full-stack developer with experience in both front-end and back-end development.

Technical Expertise

The majority of my expertise is with the PHP/Linux stack. PHP is my primary back-end programming language; however, I do have experience in other programming languages as well. My Github account has NodeJS projects, Java projects, and a small Python project. I have 2 years of experience building WordPress websites and custom Laravel applications from scratch. On the front-end, I have experience with SASS, Webpack, ReactJS, and ES2017. I also have a strong knowledge of git and source control strategies.

In addition to being a full-stack developer. I also have operations experience as well. I have lots of experience managing Ubuntu servers and setting up DevOps automation using Ansible, Vagrant, Docker, and GOSS.

Other Projects

Recently, I have started building Alexa skills in NodeJS. I also tinker with IOT on Raspberry Pi and Arduinos in my spare time.



Bachelor's in Web Development from Franklin University

Accomplishments and Awards

  • Eagle Scout
  • Boy Scouts of America National Youth Leadership Training
  • HOBY Leadership Training
  • Toastmaster's Youth Leadership Training


  • Able to learn and adapt quickly
  • Security-conscious with general knowledge of basic security measures and common exploits
  • Experience guiding business development teams on technical decisions
  • Experience with systems thinking and architecture

Past Work Experience


IQVentures is a startup company located in Columbus, OH. They offer several products and services centered around call centers, VOIP, and phone call transcription. I currently work at IQVentures as a software developer. I primarily work on their SpeechIQ product. The front-end application uses PHP7, MySQL (Amazon Aurora), and JavaScript. I also wrote a deployment script in Ansible to automate deployment of the application across servers hosted in AWS.

In addition to working on the front-end of SpeechIQ, I also work on some of the back-end systems that SpeechIQ utilizes. I am currently working on a sentiment engine to determine the positivity (or negativity) of calls processed by SpeechIQ.

Buckeye Interactive

I worked at Buckeye Interactive (a small consulting agency in New Albany, OH) as a software developer. Most of the projects I worked on were PHP applications in Laravel and WordPress. I helped Dockerize several WordPress projects, and I also contributed to the development of a few Ansible roles. Most of the applications I worked on used this stack:

  • PHP 7
  • Ubuntu Server 16.04
  • Nginx
  • MariaDB or Postgresql
  • NodeJS

HER Realtors

HER Realtors was a client for several years when I ran my own company, McGlone Technologies. I did several projects for HER Realtors; however, the biggest project was a complete redesign to their current responsive website. I received some very minimal PHP mockups and some designs from another company, and I implemented the designs inside the Real Estate Digitial CRM and web platform.

While working in the RED platform, I discovered three major security vulnerabilities that I was able to report to the vendor. I was able to increase the security of their platform while providing significant business value in terms of customer and user experience.

IGS Energy

I worked at IGS Energy as an intern in the summer of 2015. I worked on an internal deployment application called MantisShrimp. Basically, MantisShrimp was a proprietary deployment and automation platform designed for the .NET stack. There were several different kinds of deployments that could be automated through a conglomeration of C# and Powershell. I helped build a new user interface using AngularJS to replace an older interface. I also wrote several SQL scripts to clean up data duplication inside the MantisShrimp database.